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Wind Down Annual Music Event

Musik Circle is a dj and producer collective based in South Africa. The aim is to offer talent and music lovers a platform to grow, experience unheard quality music and skill development.

“Existing media platforms (TV, social media, etc.) are only accommodating a selected few of the music talent that is available on the market (especially in Africa). Most of the talent is left idling (especially during the current Lockdown period) or left at the mercy of low quality infrastructure to deliver their capabilities to a wider audience.”

First installment is an music event and I was approached to design digital creative and flyer for the event.

Process: Create main title using Cinema 4D and illustrator, de-hatch different imagery to collect elements that depict a summer and spring theme. Use Photoshop to create and color manage final creative. 2 options of creative were presented.


Conceptualiize and create event marketing flyer for digital.

  • Date

    Oct 17, 2021

  • Skills

    Cinema 4D, Photoshop, Creative Direction, Illustrator

  • Client

    Muzik Cirlce